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July 2-7, 2001
Hämeenlinna, Finland

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Local Information

The confererence will be held in Hotel Aulanko in the city of Hämeenlinna, 100 km north of Helsinki. 
The conference hotel is located in one of Finland's best known natural reserves, the Aulanko Park Forest, only 4km from central Hämeenlinna. The reserve is maintained by the Finnish Forest Research Insitute, METLA. More information can be found from the following links:

Virtual Finland
City of Hämeenlinna
Hotel Aulanko ( Follow links -> Hotels -> Aulanko )
Aulanko Park Forest (photos)

Weather can be rather unpredictable. In July, the average temperature is about 20 C during the day. Be prepared for both sunny and rainy weather. If you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, insect repellent is very useful.

Current weather from FMI

The currency is the Finnish Markka (FIM). The exhange rate is fixed at 1 Euro = 5.95 FIM. Major credit card are widely accepted. Several banks have offices in Hämeenlinna.

Exchange rates for non-EMU currencies

English is widely spoken and understood in Finland.