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July 2-7, 2001
Hämeenlinna, Finland

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Programme (preliminary)

Below is the preliminary scientific and social programme. Major changes are not expected. The programme will be updated on this web site as needed and a final version will be given at registration. Information on the accompanying persons' programme is given in the third circular.
Invited talks for which the title is preliminary are indicated by an asterix (*).


Monday, July 2, 2001

16-20 Registration

19-21 Welcome reception


Tuesday, July 3, 2001

08:50 Welcome

A1 - Atomic masses and fundamental constants - N. Zeldes

09:00 A.Wapstra (Amsterdam): What is new in atomic mass determinations?
09:30 C. Scheidenberger (Darmstadt): Direct mass measurements of exotic nuclei
10:00 M. Pearson (Montreal): A Hartree-Fock nuclear mass formula

10:30 Coffee break

A2 - Atomic masses and fundamental constants - G. Audi

11:00 R. Fossion (Gent): Nuclear binding energies: global collective structures and local shell model correlations
11:20 N. Vieira (Paris): MISTRAL: a unique precision mass spectrometer for very short-lived nuclides
11:40 F. Herfurth (Geneva): Accurate mass measurements of very short-lived nuclei: prerequisites for high-accuracy investigations of superallowed b-decays
12:00 A. Lépine-Szily (São Paulo): Direct mass measurements of very neutron-deficient Ga, Ge, As, Se and Br isotopes
12:20 J.A. Clark (Manitoba): Mass measurements of proton-rich nuclides using the Canadian Penning trap mass spectrometer

12:40 Lunch (and poster preparation)

B - Moments and radii - J. Kluge

14:00 J. Dobaczewski (Warsaw): Ground state properties from the mean field calculations
14:30 P. Egelhof (Darmstadt): Nuclear matter distributions of halo nuclei from elastic proton scattering in inverse kinematics
15:00 R. Neugart (Mainz): Lasers in nuclear physics, a review

15:30 Coffee break

16:00 T. Beier (Darmstadt): The measurements of the electronic g factor in hydrogenlike ions - a promising tool for determining fundamental and nuclear constants
16:20 P. Campbell (Manchester): First results from laser spectroscopy on bunched radioactive beams from the JYFL ion-beam cooler
16:40 F. Le Blanc (Orsay): Charge radius change and magnetic moments in the heavy tin isotopes around A=132 from laser spectroscopy
17:00 S. Teughels (Leuven): Spins and nuclear moments in the "Island of inversion", results on 31Al and 31Mg

17:20 Poster session

19:00 Dinner 


Wednesday, July 4, 2001

C - Nuclear astrophysics - M. Huyse

08:30 W. Hillebrandt (Munich): Stars from birth to death: laboratories for exotic nuclei?
09:00 M. Wiescher (Notre Dame): Nuclear reaction rates in the thermonuclear runaway phase of accreting binary star systems
09:30 C. Rolfs (Bochum): Experimental nuclear astrophysics: a biased view

10:00 Coffee break

10:30 M. Hass (Rehovot): Direct determination of radioactive nuclide production in astrophysical reactions by accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS)
10:50 B. Davids (Groningen): Electromagnetic dissociation of 8Be and the rate of the 7Be(p,g)8B reaction in the sun
11:10 C. Gagliardi (Texas A. & M.): Asymptotic normalization coefficients in nuclear astrophysics and structure

11:30 Lunch 

D - Forms of radioactivity - J. Cerny

13:30 K. Riisager (Aarhus): Beta decay of exotic nuclei
14:00 K. Rykaczewski (Oak Ridge): New experimental results in proton radioactivity
14:30 H. Mahmud (Edinburgh): New results in proton radioactivity at Argonne National Laboratory
14:50 E. Maglione (Padova): New developments in theory of proton radioactivity

15:20 Coffee break

E - Direct reactions and nuclear spectroscopy - J. Kolata

15:50 F. Azaiez (Orsay): Probing shell structure in neutron-rich nuclei with in beam gamma spectroscopy
16:20 T. Motobayashi (Rikkyo): Spectroscopy of nuclei around N=20 with inelastic scattering and transfer reactions
16:50 T. Aumann (Darmstadt): The dipole response of nuclei with large neutron excess
17:10 D. Morrissey (East Lansing): Production of low and high-energy radioactive ion beams by fragmentation

19:00 Evening reception


Thursday, July 5, 2001

F - Nuclei at the drip lines - B. Jonson

09:00 N. Orr (Caen): Halo and molecular states in light neutron-rich nuclei
09:30 J. Al-Khalili (Surrey): Structure and reactions of halo nuclei: an entangled approach
10:00 B. Blank (Bordeaux): Studies with proton and two-proton drip-line nuclei

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 A.S. Jensen (Aarhus): Conditions for halo occurrence
11:20 A.A. Korsheninnikov (RIKEN): Superheavy hydrogen 5H
11:40 L.V. Grigorenko (Surrey): Three-body decays of light nuclei: 6Be,8Li,9Be, 12O,16Ne, and 17Ne

12:00 Lunch

G - Cluster phenomena - B. Sherrill

14:00 H. Horiuchi (Kyoto): Molecular structure of nuclei
14:30 H. Fynbo (Geneva): Correlated emission of three a-particles in the b-decay of 12
14:50 K. Hencken (Basel): A realistic solvable model for the Coulomb dissociation of neutron halo nuclei

15:10 Coffee break

H1 - Nuclear structure and shapes - W. Nazarewicz

15:40 E. Roeckl (Darmstadt): Decay properties of N@Z nuclei
16:10 A. Poves (Madrid): Large scale shell model calculations for exotic nuclei
16:40 T. Otsuka (Tokyo): Frontiers and challenges of nuclear shell model
17:10 W. Mittig (Caen): Shape coexistence and the N=20 and N=28 shell closures far from stability from mass measurements and inelastic scattering
17:30 T. Martinez (Legnaro): T=1 isobaric analogue states in mass A=66 and A=70: structure of the N=Z 70Br and 66As nuclei

19:00 Dinner

20:30 Excursion: Evening Cruise under the Midnight Sun


Friday, July 6, 2001

H2 - Nuclear structure and shapes - H. Flocard

08:30 D. Rudolph (Lund): High spin proton and alpha-particle emission as probes for nuclear structure
09:00 R. Wyss (Stockholm): N=Z nuclei - a laboratory for rotations in real and iso-space
09:30 J. Durell (Manchester): Review on neutron-rich nuclei
10:00 C.-H. Yu (Oak Ridge): Physics with heavy neutron-rich RIBs at the HRIBF

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 J. Hamilton (Vanderbilt): New insights into neutron rich nuclei at high spin
11:20 B. Fogelberg (Studsvik): The neutron and proton two-particle nucleus 134Sb: low spin states observed on the decay of 134Sn
11:40 T. Faestermann (Munich): Decay studies of N@Z nuclei from 75Sr to 102Sn
12:00 R.D. Page (Liverpool): Probing intruder structures in lead nuclei

12:40 Lunch

H3 - Nuclear structure and shapes - H. Körner

14:00 R. Julin (Jyväskylä): In-beam studies of shape coexistence in very neutron deficient heavy nuclei
14:30 T.L. Khoo (Argonne): Hot states in exotic minima

15:00 Coffee break

I - Fission and heaviest elements - K. Eskola

15:30 S. Hofmann (Darmstadt): Status and prospects of synthesizing superheavy elements
16:00 K.-H. Schmidt (Darmstadt): Fission studies with relativistic beams
16:30 W.H. Trzaska (Jyväskylä): Manifestations of clustering in the 238U + 40Ar (243, 275 MeV) reaction
16:50 V.K. Utyonkov (Dubna): Synthesis of Superheavy Nuclei in the Reactions of 244Pu and 248Cm with 48Ca
17:20 R.-D. Herzberg (Liverpool): Nuclear structure in the nobelium region
17:50 M. Girod (Bruyeres-le-Chatel): Microscopic structure of superdeformed states in Th, U, Pu, Cm isotopes with Gogny force
18:10 T. Wada (Kobe): Fluctuation-dissipation dynamics of fusion reaction and synthesis of superheavy elements

19:00 Conference dinner


Saturday, July 7, 2001

J - Fundamental symmetries and interactions - J. Jänecke

09:00 N. Severijns (Leuven): Low energy weak ineraction studies
09:30 J.C. Hardy (Texas A. & M.): Superallowed 0+-to-0+ beta decay and CKM unitarity: Recent results and future prospects
09:50 E.F. Zganjar (Baton Rouge): Isospin mixing and non-analog b-decay of 74Rb
10:10 P. Van Isacker (Caen): Symmetries of exotic nuclei

10:40 Coffee break

K - Traps for radioactive isotopes - P. Van Duppen

11:10 G. Bollen (East Lansing): Ion traps - precision measurements and more
11:40 D. Vieira (Los Alamos): Neutral atom traps for fundamental symmetry measurements
12:10 K. Blaum (Geneva): Carbon clusters for absolute mass measurements at ISOLTRAP
12:30 I. Bergström (Stockholm): Returning to the line of stability chasing a mass accuracy close to 0.1 ppb with a Penning trap. The How's and Why's

12:50 Lunch

L1 - Experimental developments and Applications - Yu. Novikov

14:00 U. Köster (Geneva): Production of intense RIBs using the ISOL technique

14:30 K. Vetter (Berkeley): Gamma-ray tracking: Utilizing new concepts in the detection of gamma radiation
15:00 R. Grzywacz (Oak Ridge/Warsaw): The art of digital spectroscopy - a new tool in action

15:20 Coffee break

L2 - Experimental developments and Applications - W. Walters

15:50 M. Deicher (Konstanz): Application of radioactive ion beams to solid state physics
16:20 A. Türler (Villigen): Heavy element chemistry - Status and perspectives
16:50 T. Nilsson (Geneva): The ISOLDE facility at CERN - recent progress and future perspectives
17:10 J. D'Auria (Burnaby): Nuclear astrophysics at ISAC with DRAGON

Closing session

17:30 C.N. Davids (Argonne): Concluding remarks

19:00 Dinner